Brake Pad Replacement

The brake pads are blocks of friction material, usually found in pairs, which grab on to the brake disc (also known as brake rotor), to stop the wheels from rotating, when the brake pedal is pressed….

General Service

Regular Service-Why?

An experienced auto-mechanic or a Car owner who had spent a whole lot of money on his car will always suggest you to get your car serviced at regular intervals. It is probably the only bare-minimum thing that you can do to …


Taking care of car tyres

Your car might be having number of safety systems: ABS, traction control, Stability assist; but working of all these systems depend on how good your car’s tyres are. In essence no car is good enough

General Service

Car Wash: Make a longlasting…

The car you drive reflects your personality just like the dress you wear. Apart from creating a good impression, a clean car also provides a fresh “feel-good factor” to the owner…


AC repair and Maintenance

Just like you cars engine, the Air Conditioning system of the car also requires checkup and service once in a year on average. AC service involves checkup of AC system components and top up of AC gas & AC Compressor oil if required


Clutch Overhauling: Things you should know

Clutch connects the engine with the gearbox and wheels, if the clutch fails, engine runs but car wouldn't move. As the car is used clutch parts wear out and start to slip, and this is when you need clutch overhaul.


Accidental Repair: Denting & Painting

Accident repair refers to the repair work carried out on car to make the car road worthy.

Brake Bleeding

The replacement of brake fluid and, removal of any air bubbles in the brake lines during the process is called brake bleeding.

Alternator: Repair & Maintenance Services

Wonder how your car battery gets charged? Alternator is the component that charges battery and provides power to all electrical components