Car Wash: Make a long lasting first impression

By Admin on May 14, 2017.

Car washing

Labor cost

Keeping your Car clean serves multiple purpose:

The car you drive reflects your personality just like the dress you wear. Apart from creating a good impression, a clean car also provides a fresh “feel-good factor” to the owner. Like any metal appliance car body is also vulnerable to rusting if subjected to moisture for long. There are many parts of car where mud and water can stay after a drive and accumulate. Cleaning the car will minimize the chance of rusting and ensure long life of body panels.
If you wash your car yourself be sure to use mild soap that does not harm the paint work. Also remember to use different cloth for different areas of the car. For example use separate cloth for glass and underbody. Use as fresh cloth to wipe on the upper part of the car. This will help reduce the damage to the paint surface.
To ensure proper care always take your car to reputed car wash centers. If you wash your car yourself then take good care that you do not end up making scratches on the paint in the process. During washing people end up making minor scratches due to improper washing practices and use of dirty cloth. These scratches though are not easily visible but can affect the paint in long run. A professional car wash will take good care of your paint while cleaning the car thoroughly. It will be a good idea to take your car to a professional wash occasionally as some places in the car are not accessible to you easily, the guys at car wash use specialized washing equipment due to which the cleaning will be more thorough. Dirt can accumulate in difficult to access parts of the car and slowly cause rusting from those areas. It is important to get rid of the dirt accumulation as soon as possible.

How Often you should wash your car

The decision can be taken based on numerous factors and situational parameters. While we are going to list some of those factors here, the weightage to each factor is much more personalized. For instance, the situational need for getting the car cleaned depends upon the owner’s preferences, like a college student might want his car cleaned for an outing with friends and a professional might want his car cleaned regularly.
However due to the labor (around Rs.400-650 for pressure wash) and service-center commute time involved in car washing, car owners who park their car on road and don’t have a designated guy who cleans the car every morning, often finds it inconvenient to visit a workshop just for car wash.
Let us list down a few scenarios or rules that you can personalize according to your needs

  • Wash the car as soon as possible after a long drive since there can be bug spats, bird droppings and dirt accumulation on the car. The dirt can hold moisture and facilitate rusting, while the insect spats and bird dropping can damage the paint surface. The longer the car is left in a dirty condition the greater is the chances of consequent damage. The same applies to driving in rainy conditions.
  • Set a limit in terms of acceptable cleanliness so that, as soon as the car is getting unacceptably dirty, washing of the car is to be carried out, irrespective of whether there is any immediate need for the car servicing. Remember a car makes impressions on people even standing in your parking space.
  • Wash your car depending the climatic condition. If the climate is rainy then the chances of dirt and moisture accumulating on the car body and causing rusting is much higher as compared to dry climatic conditions. It is important not to let the moisture act on the car body for long enough to cause damage. Also if you have unrepaired scratches on the car body, they are more prone to catch rust.

Car wash can be done by oneself or it can be given to a reliable professional car wash service, which you can find at It is advisable to use professional service if you are not aware of the basics of car washing as you might end up making scratches on the paint instead of cleaning the car. Also there are places in a car that should not be subjected to direct water jet as water might get in to electronics which perform crucial functions of the car. Also when a car wash is postponed too much the accumulated material on the car can completely block water passages in the car body designed to drain out excess water and prevent corrosion. This will cause corrosion in inaccessible locations on the car and a consequent repair bill will be the result. One such example is blocking of water drain from windshield washer through the fenders due to leaves and other material accumulating below the windshield. This will cause the metal wall on the car to rust and weaken the car body. This in turn will cause noise and vibration in the long run.