Things to know before Clutch Overhauling.

By Admin on May 17, 2017.

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What is Clutch and clutch overhauling?

Clutch connects the engine with the gearbox and wheels, if the clutch fails, engine runs but car wouldn’t move. As the car is used clutch parts wear out and start to slip, and this is when you need clutch over haul.
Clutch Overhaul is replacement of Clutch plate and pressure plate along with clutch actuator parts that may be required, like slave cylinder for clutch or master cylinder for clutch. Rear oil seal for engine is also replaced if it is found to leak when inspected during clutch overhaul. Though this is not a part of clutch a leak in rear oil seal can cause clutch malfunctions. Clutch overhaul can be used as an opportunity to replace rear engine oil seal if it is leaking engine oil. In some cases clutch master cylinder malfunction can cause clutch to be partially engaged even with clutch pedal released. This will cause the clutch to slip and wear out if not rectified. It is important to identify the root cause before overhaul of clutch. There may actually be no need of overhaul of clutch, when the root cause is minor one.

Why is clutch overhauling even required?

Clutch is a component which is critical to the running of the car. Clutch parts wear and tear depending on the usage of the car. The reliability of the car is very much dependent on the condition of the clutch. So your car’s clutch should be in good condition or the chances are, you will be stranded on the road. Generally cars need up to 3 clutch plates in their full useful life. There are other failures which can be due to clutch malfunction like, gear shifting is hard or gear lever getting jammed in a gear. The malfunction that is related to clutch most directly is clutch slippage. Hard gear shifting can be due to couple of other reasons also like a jammed shifting mechanism or failed synchronizer ring of gear box. So if you feel the gears are hard to shift get the root cause checked before going for clutch overhaul.

When to consider overhauling of clutch assembly?

The time and kilometer run, before performing a clutch overhaul is not predefined by the manufacturer. The replacement is done based on inspection by mechanics following any complaint from customer. A long lasting clutch is an indication that the car has been driven very well. The life of clutch plate is also depending on the traffic conditions. In stop and go traffic conditions the wear on clutch is higher while, on highway where the use of clutch pedal is less the wear is less.