Regular Service

By Admin on May 01, 2017.


Replacement of Parts
Moderately low Critical
Rs.3000- Rs.12000

What is Regular Service all about?.

An experienced auto-mechanic or a Car owner who had spent a whole lot of money on his car will always suggest you to get your car serviced at regular intervals. It is probably the only bare-minimum thing that you can do to your car to make it running smoothly and trouble-free. The funny as well as the most unfortunate thing about the car is, it won’t let the owner know that something is going to go wrong. It is only after something or the other has failed then, we come to know about it; and sometimes, it may cost a fortune as well. The good news is that we can prevent the extra cost, by spending considerably little amount at regular intervals. That is why the regular scheduled Services are also known as Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS).
In Contrary to most popular belief, the PMS does not only include changing of Oil, Oil filter and cleaning the air filter. It is in-fact much much more than that. Every Manufacturer sets out a service schedule for each model which they believe, will help the car run reliably. This consists of about 40-80 check points and affecting as low as 2 to as high as 20 changes to your vehicle. To know this better, read the User Manual that you have kept locked in the glove box. If you are in love with your car, (which I believe you are, judging from the fact that you are even considering reading this article), you should not just take that book for granted. If you just follow the simple things mentioned in that book, your car will provide better performance, no matter whether you own a Maruti Alto or a Lamborghini Aventador. Most Car lovers know how important this is and it is also important even for the people who doesn’t even consider themselves interested in how their car works.

The Schedule of Scheduled Service.

Most Manufacturers do know the capability of their product and thus recommend the service intervals as “Nth Service at XXXX km or YY months whichever is earlier”. The purpose of mentioning two variables is obviously because the elements that are due to be changed at a particular service interval, degrades with time as well as running. Let us consider an incident:

Mr. A uses his car for daily commuting to his office. His car manufacturer recommends “First Service at 1000 km or 2 months, whichever is earlier” and “Second Service at 10000 km or 12 months Whichever is earlier”. When he was buying the car, the dealership asked him to visit after two months for general check-up, which he did. This service was totally free. During handing over the car the Service Center told him that the next service is due at 10000 km. Now His car has very low running as he lives nearby to his office. After a year of running, Mr.A notices his car has run 6500 km and he isn’t facing any problem with his car. So he doesn’t bother visiting the Service Center and waits until his car covers 10k, Which might be another 8 months..

Now let us have a look at what Mr.A might face by taking this uninformed decision.

  • The Engine oil of the vehicle was due to change during this Service. Engine oils have got certain properties which decays with time and running. By avoiding the service at the mentioned time, Mr.A exposed his Engine to run on a degraded Oil. This oil will eat away the life of the Engine, and he will be requiring an Overhaul much sooner than expected. We all know very well that overhauling may cost some where close to Rs.1 lakh
  • The Manufacturer Authorized Service Center gets every right to charge him the labor cost for the service, which otherwise had been free if he had availed the service at the right time
  • Since he missed the recommended service Interval, the Manufacturer Authorized Service Station gets every right to reject warranty repair of his vehicle. Imagine this, you faced a problem with your vehicle, you took it to the workshop, they says it will cost something around 30k, you are not bothered as your vehicle is under warranty, and then they say that you can’t avail warranty just because you missed the service. Sounds Scary? Again, it infact is.

We know that Cars are assembly of various machine parts and Machines can fail. Not that they will, but they might. Suppose there had been a Leakage from the oil filter. Since the vehicle was not taking for Servicing it was not noticed. And Just like Majority of Car owners, Mr.A didn’t notice this himself as well. He keeps on running his vehicle. Suddenly one day he sees a light in the form of an oil can on his instrument Cluster. He takes his vehicle to a workshop. Gets that rectified. But the damage might have already been done. That light indicates low oil pressure in Engine, If that comes up, it means the Engine is not getting proper lubrication. Sounds Scary? It really is infact.
The list can go on and on. Not that all bad things will happen if you miss the service, but again, it might. Why not just prevent it altogether?
Avail the service whether you have covered the km or the months. Don’t wait for both.

Why you shouldn't ignore this service.

Though a car may seem to work fine even if you skip or prolong a Regular service parts in your car are deteriorating and this will cause damage. The bad part is that this damage is irreversible which goes to say that if a regular service is delayed the wear done to the internal parts cannot be reversed by doing the next regular service earlier than required