Brake Pad Replacement

By Admin on April 29, 2017.

What are Brake Pads.

The brake pads are blocks of friction material, usually found in pairs, which grab on to the brake disc (also known as brake rotor), to stop the wheels from rotating, when the brake pedal is pressed.
On pressing the brake pedal, the master cylinder compresses and pressurizes the brake fluid. This pressure is transferred to the caliper pistons which presses the brake pads onto the disc. The disc is directly attached to the wheel and it rotates at the speed of the wheel. Thus when the brake pads are pressed against the brake disc, it stops the disc and in turn the wheel is stopped from rotating which causes the braking effect. Depending upon the car's model, the car may have 4 to 8 pair of brake pads.

Why Brake pads require replacement over time.

The brake pads are one of those parts of the car which are designed to wear out after a certain time period of running. That is why every manufacturer denotes a “service limit” for the brake pads. In case the brake pads are not replaced in time some additional problems may come up which can turn out to be critical.
Not replacing the brake pads in time may lead to damaging of the brake discs. Also worn out brake pads would decrease the effectivity of the brake and thus increase the stopping distance. It may also affect some vibration on the steering wheel when the brakes are applied.

Replacement of Parts
Highly Critical
Rs.1100- Rs.12000

When to replace the brake pads.

All Manufacturers denote a service limit for the brake pads. It indicates the thickness of the friction block of the pad, below which the pads must be replaced. The rule of thumb is 3mm.
On an average a new set of brake pads should serve for 50000km.
To keep in mind, brake pads should always be changed in pairs. For example if the front right brake pads are replaced, the front left brake pads should be replaced along with it. The same applies to rear wheel brake pads as well.
Some cars come with a simple brake pad wear indicator. If the brake pad is worn out below the tip of this indicator, the brake pads are to be replaced.
Some vehicles also come with an electronically monitored brake pad wear indicator. An indication lamp will come up on the instrument cluster when the brake pads wear out above limits.