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  • hi ...rat biite one of the wire showing error on desk meter nd not able to start also...?

    Hi You will need to take it to a mechanic to get all the wires repaird that have been bitten. There might be multiple places where rat have bitten the wires in the car. After that check the fuses and you should be good to go

    15 Views 28 May, 18 Ford Fiesta
  • I want to do general service of my car.for example.fuel filter,oil filter,oil etc.

    You can call us on our toll free we will put you to one of our best workshops near you

    Regular Maintenance
    19 Views 01 May, 18 Tata Zest
  • while driving my celerio I feel vibrations mostly on 1 st and second gear and even when car is in idle state , when I turn off the a.c vibration disappear

    Hi the vibrations are due to additional load of the air conditioner. As the car gets older the injectors tend to get clogged and tend to release fuel out of calibration. This can be resolved by cleaning the injector and in petrol cars the spark plugs also needs to be checked. Before starting repair it has to be confirmed that the AC system is in good condition and there is no possibility of additional load from AC on engine. The Ac belt tension also needs to be checked.

    13 Views 26 Apr, 18 Maruti Suzuki Celerio
  • Car speed is not more then 50km/hr after putting full accelerator.

    Hi get the following things checked.
    1. Clutch: check if clutch is slipping. If it slips replace the worn out parts with actuators if required. If clutch slips the power from engine will not get transferred to the wheels. In this case you will notice engine runs fast but car will not run as fast
    2. Fuel filter: It can be clogged and causing low fuel delivery. Also replace the spark plugs. If fuel filter restricts fuel delivery the power of engine will reduce and this can restrict the car speed to 50 kmph.
    3. In some cases certain electronic sensor failures can lead to car engine ECU going in to limp home mode under which speed is reduced for safety.

    Engine Performance
    16 Views 21 Apr, 18 Honda Civic
  • instrument cluster (speedometer) the lights behind speeddial not working but all indicator lights such as headlights all others are working properly

    This will require replacement of bulb in the cluster but in some vehicles the bulb will not be seperately available. In such cases a repair can be attempted on the cluster to replace the led bulbs. You can get the car t o one of our trusted workshops where we can get it fixed. In premium cars however I do not recommend any such repair. The reason is that in premium cars the cluster is connected to other ECUS by data networks.

    9 Views 08 Apr, 18 Toyota Etios
  • Reverse lights and reverse parking sensors not working

    This is due to wiring issue most likely with your reverse switch within the transmission. Once you resolve the issue at a good workshop both the symptoms should get rectified. The signal to switch on reverse lights is taken from the reverse switch mounted on the transmission. The reverse parking sensors are generally getting signal from the wires to reverse lamps. In case of company fitments of parking sensors however the signal is taken from control module in the fuse box and the reverse switch from transmission gives signal to the fuse box. (this is generally the case)

    4 Views 21 Mar, 18 Mahindra Scorpio
  • hi,
    I having India car ,model xeta manufactured in year 2007. it is not in operation since last more than a year. to make car operable I may have to invest substantial amount for repair and service, looking at present condition .considering this shall I repair it? or shall I go with sell option ! and buy a new car. whether it will worth going with either of these options. Also need some refernce of vendor those are dealing with such facilities. please suggest.

    This entirely depends on your need for a car and the condition of the car when it was last used. If the car can be made operational with about 25 thousand rupees I would say it is worth as it will not be fetching much in resale value. Also if you still need a car why not use it. however if the tyres and battery are in bad condition then you might consider disposing it.The only other reason to change the car will be that you want a change of model

    Buying Advice
    8 Views 16 Mar, 18 Tata Indica V2 Xeta
  • I feel lot of vibrations while driving my Wagon R over concrete roads while on tar roads the vibrations are far less or almost not felt. Not sure what is causing the vibrations.

    Hi you need to replace all the 4 shock absorbers of your car. Though there will be some vertical motion in the car on concrete roads even in good condition. But as the shock absorbers get weak it increases. This movement however varies with car condition and car model also. Feel free to reach me for any further query

    14 Views 14 Mar, 18 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0
  • My car is non operational since long and want to make operiable by doing maintenance

    In your case since the car has not been in use it is better to get it checked at your place once before it is taken to the workshop. There can be cases where the car can be damaged is it is driven suddenly after a long period of not using.

    Periodic Maintenance
    7 Views 11 Mar, 18 Tata Indica V2 Xeta
  • after a small accident i feel sum jerk while driving and Blake soke while accelerating ?

    Hi i will need more details about the impact as well as the condition when you are experiencing the symptom of Jerking. The problem based on the limited information looks to be of EGR valve. Please check the EGR valve and clean it if required.

    Engine Performance
    14 Views 09 Mar, 18 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire