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  • its to hard to pless clutch

    This is mainly due to clutch cable friction and it can be resolved by adjusting and lubricating the cable. In cars with hydraulic clutch wheel cylinder defect can cause the clutch to be hard.
    Lastly, wear in clutch plate can also cause clutch pedal to be hard as the fulcrum of clutch release fingers gets effected too.

    0 Views 11 Dec, 17 Toyota Etios
  • my engine is little bit tile more noise when running. what is the solution.

    Hi i will need more information on the type of noise to suggest any possibility. Also which version of Fiesta is yours. Is it a petrol or diesel.

    Engine Performance
    0 Views 27 Nov, 17 Ford Fiesta
  • I have a ford fussion petrol 2005 . I hear a misfire sound when accelarate or change a gear .It does not happen continously , and there are no warning lights on the speedometer too. The vehicle has just completed 15000 +km till date .Kindly confirm as what the issue is and does a ECU scan and replacement of air filter and sparks plugs needed and if it does what will be the cost for it . I am from Bangalore . Waiting for a correct suggestion in regards to this .Thank you .

    You will need to check air filter, Spark plugs and high tension coils. Spark will leak on to the engine body if plastic insulation of coils get too old in some cases causing misfire and loss of power. In addition to this replace fuel filter as this might have clogged in spite of the low kilometer run in your car. This can also cause similar symptom. In such cases car will also have difficulty in reaching and maintaining three digit speeds.Till you resolve this issue try shifting gears at higher RPMs of cost can range from 1500 to 4500 depending on which parts are needed after inspection.

    7 Views 24 Nov, 17 Ford Fusion
  • I am having a 5 year old Tata Nano XT. Recently I am facing a problem, whereby the engine cranks, starts and immediately stops. This only happens when the car is parked in up-hill position. What can be the issue?

    This is happening due to fuel starvation which means there is inadequate fuel supply to the engine. When the car is on an incline the fuel can shift due to gravity. When fuel tank is more than half full this will not cause any symptom. When the fuel quantity is low in the tank fuel pump may not be able to reach the fuel to pump it. The solution is to maintain higher fuel levels in the car and avoid parking on too steep inclines.

    Engine Performance
    6 Views 20 Nov, 17 Hyundai I10
  • hi how will i know when my query is answered. i dont visit the site frequently

    9 Views 18 Nov, 17 Tata Nano
  • Whts the cost of replacing spark plug and fuel filter and cleaning the fuel injector on a ultrasound scanning machine to avoid misfire noise in 2005 petrol ford fusion .and where can it be done in bangalore .kindly confirm .

    We are yet to start in Bangalore. We are currently operational in Mumbai

    6 Views 18 Nov, 17 Ford Fusion
  • i have ford fusion 2005 petrol what will be cost of replacing oil filter and cleaning the air combustion on a scanning machine. and also if needed to replace the spark plugs and chords for a misfire problem .
    its not a continous sound .does happen
    only when accelerate high .where can this be done .kindly help

    Hi scanning the ECU, replacing the spark plugs and cables should cost you approximately 3800 rs

    7 Views 18 Nov, 17 Ford Fusion
  • l

    Hi u wanted to ask something please complete your question

    5 Views 16 Nov, 17 Mahindra Scorpio
  • i have 2005 petrol ford fusion .it misfires while accelrating and it does not do continously .kindly confirm whts the reason

    The pinging noise is caused by improper combustion and can happen due to two reasons.
    Replace fuel filter and clean fuel injectors on an ultrasonic cleaning machine and this will immediately resolve the issue. Please note that you should not clean the fuel filter to resolve the issue it has to be replaced as mentioned above.
    Secondly check for spark leaks from High tension chords between spark plug and ignition coils and replace the chords if necessary. The leak of spark will cause will cause noise and misfires and replace spark plugs also.
    I would be glad to know how the remedy furnished above worked for you and can help you if you need any more help

    14 Views 12 Nov, 17 Ford Fusion
  • Anyone know a reliable workshop for jetta ?

    hi pls provide your contact number or call us on toll free 1800 2660 095. Alternately chat with us. We can get a good workshop for jetta near you

    Regular Maintenance
    3 Views 28 Oct, 17 Volkswagen Jetta