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  • I want replace my car’s clutch plate

    1800 2660 095 Please get in touch with us we will provide you with the best workshops around you

    Regular Maintenance
    11 Views 01 Oct, 17 Maruti Suzuki Swift
  • searching car repair for wheel cylinder at Ghodbandar road Thane.

    1800 2660 095 please get in touch with our toll free. We will help you out

    Steering Wheels
    3 Views 23 Sep, 17 Maruti Suzuki ZEN Estilo
  • I want to chrome my alloy wheels

    1800 266 0095 please get in touch with us on this toll free and we will get it done

    3 Views 12 Sep, 17 Mahindra Scorpio
  • what is the green colored liquid near engine

    It is coolant that you see in green color. Coolant is circulated by water pump through the engine and then to Radiator. In doing so the heat from engine is absorbed by the coolant and then dessipated to atmosphere through the radiator. If you can spot coolant outside coolant container then there might be a leak in cooling system.

    Engine Performance A/C
    17 Views 29 Aug, 17 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0
  • My Tata Manza Aura Safire AbS is giving milege of 10 or less than 10 in city is it good or bad?

    Hi it is good mileage. The car is big and spacious so it will give slightly less mileage than the lighter hatchbacks. Keep servicing the car regularly and enjoy. Use mileage improving driving technique to further improve mileage if you are already not focusing on driving

    7 Views 27 Aug, 17 Tata Manza
  • water in fuel filter

    This is an issue with the fuel drain the water and you are good to go for few thousands of killometers

    6 Views 21 Aug, 17 Mahindra Scorpio
  • water in fuel filter issue

    This is an issue with the fuel drain the water and you are good to go for few thousands of killometers

    8 Views 21 Aug, 17 Mahindra Scorpio
  • My car has dents and scratches on surface few are major and few minors. May I knw the expenses ?

    Expect 20 k if you have it on the whole car. Book with us on our toll free or using our app

    14 Views 18 Aug, 17 Honda City ZX
  • Facing problem with rats cutting the wires, what should I do?

    The car should be thoroughly inspected for sites of rat attack.
    All the fully cut and partially cut wires should be repaired as per standard soldering procedure.

    The repair should be confirmed by switching all functions in the car and connection of diagnostic software.
    A test drive also needs to be done as some functions get activated only during driving.

    Unfortunately there is no guaranteed method to prevent rat biting wires of car.
    Not parking in untidy places and not leaving the car unused for too long will help

    12 Views 16 Aug, 17 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
  • How much for AC complete servicing. What it includes and excludes

    Hi detailed list of inclusions on site. Please follow link. Other than this the only additional labor that is charged will be remove and install dash board which in case of nano will be less due to simple design. Expect around 400 over the price quoted on site under offer. However get the exact price confirmed over phone before handing over your car.

    10 Views 16 Aug, 17 Tata Nano