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  • hi,
    I having India car ,model xeta manufactured in year 2007. it is not in operation since last more than a year. to make car operable I may have to invest substantial amount for repair and service, looking at present condition .considering this shall I repair it? or shall I go with sell option ! and buy a new car. whether it will worth going with either of these options. Also need some refernce of vendor those are dealing with such facilities. please suggest.

    This entirely depends on your need for a car and the condition of the car when it was last used. If the car can be made operational with about 25 thousand rupees I would say it is worth as it will not be fetching much in resale value. Also if you still need a car why not use it. however if the tyres and battery are in bad condition then you might consider disposing it.The only other reason to change the car will be that you want a change of model

    Buying Advice
    0 Views 16 Mar, 18 Tata Indica V2 Xeta
  • I feel lot of vibrations while driving my Wagon R over concrete roads while on tar roads the vibrations are far less or almost not felt. Not sure what is causing the vibrations.

    Hi you need to replace all the 4 shock absorbers of your car. Though there will be some vertical motion in the car on concrete roads even in good condition. But as the shock absorbers get weak it increases. This movement however varies with car condition and car model also. Feel free to reach me for any further query

    5 Views 14 Mar, 18 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0
  • My car is non operational since long and want to make operiable by doing maintenance

    In your case since the car has not been in use it is better to get it checked at your place once before it is taken to the workshop. There can be cases where the car can be damaged is it is driven suddenly after a long period of not using.

    Periodic Maintenance
    3 Views 11 Mar, 18 Tata Indica V2 Xeta
  • after a small accident i feel sum jerk while driving and Blake soke while accelerating ?

    Hi i will need more details about the impact as well as the condition when you are experiencing the symptom of Jerking. The problem based on the limited information looks to be of EGR valve. Please check the EGR valve and clean it if required.

    Engine Performance
    7 Views 09 Mar, 18 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
  • dicky back side crush dent how much cost

    For Indica an estimateed cost of 2500 is charged. For exact cost fix an appointment with one of our workshops by calling our toll free and visit them. They will give you a clear estimate as the car needs to be inspected for the extent of damage.

    1 Views 08 Mar, 18 Tata Indica EV2
  • Black soke Coming while accelerating

    This problem is indicating injector defect. You need to get your injectors checked for leakage, also replace the air filter, fuel filter and clean the EGR system at once. Feel frre to get back to me for further assistance. The more the details you share the more accurate will be my reply

    Engine Performance
    3 Views 04 Mar, 18 Chevrolet Cruze
  • severe jerk while driving

    This can be due to injector malfunction. will need more details of the exact conditions when you are getting the jerk for more accurate response along with your car version.

    2 Views 02 Mar, 18 Ford Ikon
  • Petrol start

    Please complete your question.

    4 Views 18 Feb, 18 Chevrolet Optra
  • my coolent get drained frequently

    If there is external leakage it will be quite straight forward fix as it will be visible. In your case as you have put up the query here i am assuming that it is an invisible leak in which the level of coolant is reducing without external leakage. Such situation can happen when coolant is getting burnt in the engine which is an indicator that either the cylinder head gasket is blown of there is a crack in the cylinder head. Another possibility is that the oil cooler is leaking

    7 Views 10 Feb, 18 Volkswagen Vento
  • ac compressor needs to be replaced

    give us a call please on our toll free number 18002660095. We will get you the best deal

    7 Views 08 Feb, 18 Hyundai I10