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Regular Service
Regular ServiceStandard Service Rs 2229Standard+ Service Rs 3159Express Service Rs 1599
Engine Oil
Engine Oil ReplaceReplaceReplace
Engine Oil Filter
Engine Oil Filter ReplaceReplaceReplace
Air Filter
Air Filter CleanClean
AC Filter
AC Filter Clean
Brakes Clean
Fluids check and top up
Fluids check and top up InspectInspectInspect
Exterior Wash.
Exterior Wash.
Interior Cleaning.
Interior Cleaning.
Wheel Alignment.
Wheel Alignment.
Wheel Balancing.
Wheel Balancing.
General Health Check-up.
General Health Check-up.
Engine Scanning.
Engine Scanning.
Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter
Spark Plugs
Spark Plugs
Rs 2229 Rs 3159 Rs 1599

Terms And Conditions

  1. All jobs other than the those mentioned, might be charged seperately as per the labor and parts cost.
  2. Balancing weights might be charged extra.
  3. In case, complete replacement of fluid (other than engine oil) is required, the same might incur extra cost.
  4. In case of exterior cleaning, stubborn marks such as cement drops might incur extra cost.
  5. Offer is valid only for the specified period.
  6. Offer exclusively through carworkz.
  7. Offer is valid only for the specified makes and models.
  8. Offer not valid on taxis or commercial vehicles.
  9. Offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer or product or special scheme from the same workshop.
  10. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash (partially/fully).
  11. Carworkz or workshop deserves the right to cancel or modify the offer without any prior notice.
  12. Carworkz or workshop will not be responsible for any loss of valuables/personal belongings of your car. Customers are advised to secure their belongings before giving car for service.
  13. Carworkz will only facilitate the services as per the offer terms but will not be liable in whatsoever manner if workshop does not accept the offer terms.
  14. If the Dashboard is required to be opened during the course of work, the same might be charged extra.

Regular service offers:

Each car is used differently so the service needs for each car is also different. Some cars run more in a year than an average car and so engine oil and filter need to be changed more often than prescribed. That is because engine oil and filter take a lot of deterioration due to running of car than rest of oils. For such cars we have express service. For normally used cars we have detailed regular service have jobs as per yearly maintenance needs.

How to select an offer:

Detailed regular service offer is to keep your car in top condition and lets you admire your car once again as it will remind you of the day you bought it. Detailed service offer gives you complete cleaning along with regular service at attractive prices. Express regular service is for those who use the car more and want to freshen up the engine oil and change the oil filter in between services to make sure that the extra use doesn’t have any ill effect on life of the engine.

Jobs carried out during regular service offers:

Regular service offer covers essential service jobs while in detailed car service brake service additional jobs of interior cleaning and AC filter cleaning is also done. In express regular service only engine oil change and oil filter change are major activities. With standard plus service offer you get all vital filters of your car cleaned. The standard plus offer includes the following:

  1. Oil change
  2. Oil filter change
  3. Air filter cleaning
  4. AC filter cleaning
  5. Brake cleaning
  6. Fluid top up
  7. Washing
  8. Alignment
  9. Balancing